Final Rating: 2.64. Finished 131 out of 144 entries.

89 views including the voting period.


Animator: Rafael Di Pietro

Description: First time entering, let me know what needs fixing always opened for opinions :)

Experience: 1 and a half years

Time taken: 3 and half weeks


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Animation needs allot more improve ment

Jimmy Horner:

Could use a lot of practice with acting.

Christian Greyeyes:

- you should be focusing on animating the character inheriting the angry voice actor's character, which wasn't there until frames 135+

Tobias Egeli:

i guess your pretty new to animation. The first thing you should do is start animating the whole charatcter. His hip dont have any movments. I dont know your workflow, but i will higly recomend blocking. And when you block, set keys on every controll on the rig, and add movments to everything.
Another thing you can do is stage it a bit better, it a bit boring. and who is the older guy, is he the father, brother, babysitter and so on. make it a story. And as you may see your idee is pretty much the same as the rest, dont be afraid to explore other idees and be creative.
So dont give up and good luck on the november clip;P

Dan Paris:

need to watch the solids going through other solids. The lip sync and action of the character does not show the reaction that the sound bite is portraying.