Final Rating: 7.00. Finished 7 out of 144 entries.

4,551 views including the voting period.


Animator: Mark Tan

Description: Ran out of free time to really finish this...but entering it in regardless!

Experience: A bit

Time taken: 2.5 weeks


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Dieguito Pritchett:

haha, great performance!!!

Ori Gellman:

Nice.. but the camera cut feels rushed... Like in the end of the first shot the guy was still in the car and then suddenly he magically pops out in the second shot..


lip sync has some issue but great !


Lip Syncing can do with some work

Amartya Mukherji:

this one packs a punch.. very nice..


Wow. Beautiful. (smallest thing, the cigarette - looked like drool to me when I first noticed it - maybe it could be cocked at an angle to start, before falling)

Danny Kneip:

A real continuity problem at F274 and F275, but good bit of character animation when he throws his hands up in the air. Nice lip sync as well. If he's looking at the camera around F340 and on, it's not the greatest choice. The dog is well animated and mostly believable.


Great !

Alen Burazerovic:

Fluid animation
I like the part when he says:"your'e eating the car!!!!!!!"
nice take.. has life ,and that pose on 251 frame when he's turning
maybe you should offset it a little so it doesn't start and end same time :)