Final Rating: 2.35. Finished 135 out of 144 entries.

71 views including the voting period.


Animator: Monte

Description: Binu finds a blob on the street and thinks its cool...until he wishes he bout auto insurance.

Experience: Year

Time taken: 1 Week


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Benjamin Engel:

I don't think this should even qualify, because it seems like it was made with pre-made animation, and just doesn't flow nicely at all.


it's not clear idea !

Christian Greyeyes:

- There's no lively character animation in the beginning for almost 5 seconds
- Little contrast makes it hard to discern what the hands are doing; you want to provide a clear depiction of what the character is doing
- The character turns into a statue starting from ~frame 170

Otherwise, the character's acting is fairly good.


Why the character is not facing the camera or vice versa!