Final Rating: 4.67. Finished 53 out of 144 entries.

141 views including the voting period.


Animator: Joshua Kalinowski

Description: Sorry everybody but i didn't get to finish the whole thing. The semester has been busy but I gave it a try.

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: 4 days


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Jimmy Horner:

Camera changes break the 180 degree rule. Overall good animation.

Danny Kneip:

Some good work here, overall, but you jump the line of action at F95 and potentially also when you cut to the bear at F78 - simply impossible to tell where every is situated. The lip sync is nicely done, overall, and the gestures are good.

K Thomas Fosse:

Hmm.. It seems that the characters propotions changes (the arms and the hands).. The hands is like chubby and suddenly they're more like straight lines (sharp edges, etc.). Keep it up, I would really like to see how your work will improve over time.

Dan Paris:

This is not ready for a review. There is a lot missing here, including a complete & clear lip sync. You have some good strong drawings working for you here...just needed to be finished.

Elmira Solo:

work on your polishing/clean up, finish this one even though the competition is over. :)


Could be really good if u finished this !

Yuki Radcliffe:

Not a bad start. Look up the 180* rule ~ it definitely applies here.