Final Rating: 5.31. Finished 31 out of 144 entries.

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Animator: Shahin HekmatKhah

Description: This is my tutorial movie .
Thanx for beetel studio & best frend hoseyn ebrahimzad.

Experience: 8 years

Time taken: 2 days


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very very nise


very very goooood animate

Tianyu Chen:

Like the animation, very professional. However, the windows are wired. They are myopia glasses! Anyway great work.


very gooooood

Mohammadreza hashemi:


K Thomas Fosse:

I like it but it's too much "rubber-arms" I think (I don't know what else to call it..). I like the car..

Eva Elmo Leung:

Glass is a bit warped looking.


It would be more satisfying to see closer 'how' doggy is eating the car, hard to see at the start. Man's movement into the car is like he is being sucked instead of 'moving into' the car out of exasperation. Eye rolls nice.


animation is fine but lip sinc off

Valecia Briars:

I think there should have been a closer shot of the dog eating the car. Perhaps it should have been done early on. He looks like he is just playing with the rear view mirror. I struggled to see what he was doing or what he was; I didn't know if he was a dog until the end.

Danny Kneip:

Good overall movement of the character - very fluid. The lip sync needs additional polishing. Watching this with the volume down, the character isn't yelling after the foot stomp (but we know the character in the audio is!). I think you could have really pushed the character even further to sell "anger" or "frustration". The car rocks really well when he slams the door.