Final Rating: 6.67. Finished 13 out of 144 entries.

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Animator: richard a.

Description: Jake and Krag are on the way back from the dog park. Krag "the TRex" is a little bit too excited. Still full with energy and thinking they are still playing fetch he jumps on the car and begins to drag it back to Jake.

Experience: intermediate

Time taken: 30 hours


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Jimmy Horner:

Nice Job.

Will Bowe:

I dig the theme, good idea! One critique would be the man maybe needs a little more exuberant (Faster gesturing maybe? Like when throwing the apple) movement, the moment he elevates his voice to that peak of frustration. Secondary motion on the man was done well too, nice touch.

Stefan Forde:

nice poses

Davit Martirosyan:


Danny Kneip:

The first shot is well done, but a continuity issue appears at F30-F31 and throws me off a bit - as if F31 was your original beginning. The gestures and poses of the character are believable, as is the lip sync. The thrown apple (F165) stays in the air for 4 frames and that's too many, in my opinion. And with the speed at which it's thrown, the trajectory should be a straight line and not a curve. But the wind-up and follow through are strong. The dinosaur is also nicely animated.

Suraj Mazi:

its a little bit floaty in the middle part.Overall its nice.

Eva Elmo Leung:

A few clipping errors can be seen on the dino otherwise things are considerable.


Great Job! I think the arm could have been pushed more on the back-end of the throw of the apple though.

Oliver Pedersen:

Good, but that stretch when he goes up throw the apple around 167 looks a little off. I think he might stretch too much and/or too fast

Dan Paris:

you have the t-rex jumping on the car with no sound effect, but yet it jumps on the ground with a sound effect. Plus the throw of the apple is slow.


Love the man's 'character look' with his hair and up tilted eyebrows. nice. Also I very much like the crescendo of action with the toss of the apple. Situationally, don't see the connection or reason the guy cares about the car being eaten as it seems he is on foot. If it was his car, then maybe he should collapse on his knees or something.


good but lip sinc is totally off

Vladimir Zagoruyko:

Great car ;-)

David Maguire:

Fantastic! Really smooth motion, but the cut from the initial shot lacks continuity in the pose of the character, which is rather jarring. The body mechanics are great, but the thrown apple doesn't have enough velocity on it for the strength of the throw. Awesome work though!

Alexandre Spontak:

Work on your curves and timings: overall character animation is too soft, camera is too moving (watch out : f110 >125), cut on f28 is not really good timed. Keep working, you can achieve something really good.