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NO No NO No ..... !!!

by Satish Kumar

Final Rating: 6.72. Finished 11 out of 144 entries.

2,304 views including the voting period.


Animator: Satish Kumar

Description: This is my second time.

Experience: 7 years

Time taken: after office work


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Sebastián Fracini:

Love that 2D effect!

Dieguito Pritchett:

Amazing performance and I'm a sucker for toon shader, so I love it... But i feel bad for the dog since he was never eating the car, maybe you could've had him nibble on the tire rather that peeing

Anurag Sahu:

loved it

K Thomas Fosse:

I like the perspective and the foreshortening of the character. Like the style as well..


Nice animation bud!

Tobias Egeli:

good animation all over, but this is a competition so i would recomend coming up with a better idee that is more orignal and tell another story.
I really liked the ending when hi leans to the car. he seems to be very exhausted, good acting.

Sajjad Afzal:

Wonderful work.

Danny Kneip:

Nicely rendered and animated. The lip sync is solid and the dog, even from behind, is adorable. Lots of great choices here - something to be proud of!

Davit Martirosyan:

Very good! Top 5 i think

Amartya Mukherji:

nice fluid motion. Top 5 probably. The toon shading look is also cool.
The dog was not eating the car. He was peeing there.
The boxes landed far left off where those should have landed. Its slightly disturbing.
At some poses Malcom body looked too static. probably that was your animation style.


Need some more dramatic shift of movement at the start when he notices (the dog peeing?) like dropping the boxes or something. Maybe doesn't fully import his concern when he keeps carrying them. Zoom in cut at the end really works. Nice.

Alexandre Spontak:

Great !