Final Rating: 5.68. Finished 25 out of 144 entries.

432 views including the voting period.


Animator: Lauren Elizabeth MacColl

Description: A low level office drone faces a rather large annoyance: A certain dictator has taken a liking to his car.

Experience: 4 years. 2.1 Bachelorette degree.

Time taken: 24 days.


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Dieguito Pritchett:

very creative!! I love your drawing style and how far you pushed the story

Henry Alfonso:

Seen this WIP before , glad it made it

Robert Firestone:

Love it!

Dan Paris:

nice work.



J.K. Riki:

Fun as usual! The cut here doesn't work as well as it could just because it's so close to the previous shot. If you had zoomed in instead of just cutting I bet it would look much cleaner. Anyway, nice job!

Danny Kneip:

I understand why he'd be eating the car, but giving him a purple tongue is going too far!! ;) Great job again, Lauren, with this fresh twist on a familiar concept. I'm so happy you kept the intro - the transformation of his entire being through F22 starts the piece off with a bang and there's great energy throughout. The lip sync is solid as are the poses and gestures. Another really fun entry!


I felt like i was watching a cartoon clip on tv

Harry G:

This is very good to what i've seen until now.