Final Rating: 2.77. Finished 126 out of 144 entries.

89 views including the voting period.


Animator: Paul Boogaards

Description: He fights to get his toy car back from a squirrel.

Experience: 5 years of animation school, 4 years of Art School and two years of acting classes.

Time taken: A little bit each week


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Danny Kneip:

A nice attempt and concept, overall. The lip sync and poses need quite a bit of work.

Michael Minasyan:

study disney 12 principles of animation

Dan Paris:

Ouch! You have a nice piece...too bad it's missing most of the lip sync.


Got it roughed out...just need refining. Bigger mouth motion, smoother transitions

Jon Sheldon:

There were some syncing issues. Also, the body seemed a little stiff.