Final Rating: 8.15. Finished 4 out of 330 entries.

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Animator: Mark

Description: Mistakes were made when making muffins

Experience: 10 years

Time taken: 2 Weeks


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Ari Z.:

Great job with your acting! I love the overall motion of your characters and the secondsary action in their hair, face, and hands. I would’ve like to see more was some more interaction from the guy. Have him appear more interested in the conversation so his response matches, maybe throughhaving him nod while she hesitates to show he’s anticipating her next words.

Christopher Reig:

I think this animation was handled really well. The performance is nice and subtle and ramps up over time. Close attention was paid to arcs and everything has a nice follow through. The only suggestions would be to push the performance a bit more at the beginning, and to reconsider the final camera angle, currently it feels a little bit disorienting.

Jeremiah Lewis:

Great job! I would suggest having the other character break eye contact with her as he leans against the counter for at least a second. The fact that he is always looking at her during that motion feels forced.

Juan Luna:

Great work here! I think the subtle movements of both characters work well for the scene here. However, I feel that despite there being enough facial animation to display the appropriate emotions, they aren't pushed enough. Particularly in the last shot the female character has a lot of same face syndrome.

Claudia Vieira:

Really good !!