Final Rating: 8.26. Finished 3 out of 330 entries.

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Animator: Tom Weatherill

Description: Denise is in a pickle

Experience: 6

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Timmy Kwee:

Haha interesting ending

Hakizabera kevin:


Destiny Nieves:

Wow this animation is really clean. I love the choice of the character and the burp at the end was fun. For some feedback, I don't think the close up of the photo in the beginning is needed since the photo is still viewable in the background when it is zoomed out. From the story context I believe your intention with the burp was that it was supposed to be accidental. However, I think the character looking down at her mouth while burping made it feel like she burped on purpose. I think it would be funny to see her be more surprised by the burp's bad timing. Overall, this animation was strong and the staging is spot on. Well done!

Radhe McCreedy:

Great storytelling, composition, and subtle motions. Maybe adding another acting point for the character's other hand instead of keeping it hand on her face for the majority of the beginning portion would make this more appealing. For example, she could place it over her eyes or forehead, or she could hold the phone with both hands at some point to show how invested she is. Great work, love the little twist at the end!

Claudia Vieira:

Really good ! I love it !