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Animator: Ahmed Morsy

Description: Kayla misses her grandpa, his spirit came to her, to help her through her mourning.

I've been trying to focus on subtlety as much as I can this year, hope it worked :D

Experience: 5 years

Time taken: About 1 week on and off


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Brandon Teta:

I really enjoyed the extra touches you put into the gestures, like the movement of the hands for "Right here, right now." The subtlety added a lot to the characters and made them feel more alive.

Francis Espiritu:

I love how you captured the subtle facial expressions and mannerisms of the characters. The late character's gestures have a great sense of weight and intention which reinforces that feeling of tenderness. While the child is not the focal point of the first shot, we still get a clear sense of how she feels which is again bolstered by the subtle idiosyncrasies that make her feel natural, such as the slight hiccup and breathing. The composition of the final shot is also a great form of visual storytelling. By leaving the right side of the composition empty, it really sells the idea that something is missing - both literally and metaphorically.

Seth Lawrence:

Hello! Amazing work! I love the timing and the spacing you've done for both characters! I can really see the turmoil that the little girl is going through and the compassion the older gentleman has for her. I can only assume from this animation that he is her grandfather who has passed. Some minor improvements that I suggest are to not have the older gentleman shake his head side to side when the audio says "right here, right now (...)" I find that this motion doesn't fit the audio. With that suggestion, I believe the overall quuality of this animation will improve! Fantastic Job!

Danna Sofia Rizo Medina:

It's a beautiful animation! is very sentimental

Cassandra Garzia:

Your animation is super smooth and the rendering is beautiful. I really like the story and the emotions you bring out in both characters. Nicely done!

Kenzie Rennemann:

This animation overall is great! I like the emotion you were able to capture in the child character and the tear drop you animated on her. I equally like the emotion you were able to capture with the older character, but it seems like the very first sentence of the lip sync looks a little delayed. My only other critique is that I'm not sure if the character is supposed to be a ghost or just part of the little girl's animation, so making this clear would help to clarify the story.

Dina Coletti:

Hello! Amazing work on your animation. I really enjoyed it. I think the emotion is done really well on the speaking character, and props for the beautiful environment! I think my main critique of this would be the facial expression of the child. I think that you could have added a few different ones, maybe have her wiping away a tear. The movement in the eyes and settle expressions are beautifully done, and I think adding in a few more expressions would help push this animation even more! Great job!!

Richard Adams:

Wow! SO good!!! Top Ten entry. Possible winner?. You put so much nuance into this. Works really well. Love this!

Eyal Navon:

Super strong animation. I love how you act not only while the words are being said but also between them. For example after he says „this moment is.“ he goes slightly backwards, nicks his head and opens his eyes a little. Very thoughtful acting and timing choices! Nice arcs for his head movements as well. Bravo!

Nils Kuhl:

Rly nice subtle acting

Mohamad Manla: