Final Rating: 6.47. Finished 10 out of 195 entries.

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Animator: Subin Suseela

Description: This is part of my learning process of animation and blender software. My first acting shot in blender .

Experience: 10 years

Time taken: 6 days


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Ben Zingo:

The movement felt really good up until the last half "on a landline", and then the movement got really choppy. The emphasis on "answer" is a really nice movement, but after that, the "social contract" bit feels over-acted & choppy. Maybe just too much focus on individual syllables


on point!

Lily Maloney:

Really good job on the scene and animation here! The overlap and follow through on the hair and tie is extremely well done!
The movement in the first half of the animation is also very smooth and does a great job and describing the character's personality.

The second half of the character movement does seem a tad choppy. From frame 251 to 290, the movement upwards and back down feels a little disjointed and angular. Perhaps arc checking these movements and smoothing their transitions a little would really make these movements stand out more!