Final Rating: 4.40. Finished 90 out of 195 entries.

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Animator: Mathew Payton

Description: Venessa just moved into her new house when some boxes fell on her. She is now trapped and must call her friend for help.

Experience: 2 years of school

Time taken: Off and on for 3 weeks


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Ben Zingo:

Took me a minute to figure out she was pinned in place, and the angle of the hand holding the phone feels awkward. Some of the lipsync could also use a bit of work "on a land line" bit in particular feels like maybe it's over-animated

Alyssa P:

The mouth and lips get super wild/jerky at times, where its saying more syllables than the audio says or making weird shapes that don't correlate. However, a lot of the times it's also spot on!


lip sync in "on a a land line" doesn't match for me.


Is it that something fell on the lady ? If so, it could have been a little more elaborated so as to make the context of the scene more clear.

Jaikub Montero:

The subtle movement seems good, but visual appeal lacks due to single shot and pose.