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Animator: Chris Leykam

Description: This was my first undertaking of a paper frame-by-frame piece. I am learning the traditional way to really get a feel for how objects move page to page and how to break down each movement.

Experience: about 5 months

Time taken: all month


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Ben Zingo:

the drawings and lines look nice, but the head has a strange kind of disconnect from the body. Maybe try just drawing the head as a circle with the body for starters, and then add all the lipsync and details after?


Wow so smooth!

Athallah satya:

i feeel like if your this good you it should be illegal to enter cuz like this is unfair bruh its TOO GOOD

Kara Himes:

Smooth movement and nice overlapping action with the hair. However, there's not a ton of variety in the composition or facial expressions.