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Too Much Options On The Internet

by Zuzanna

Final Rating: 5.97. Finished 20 out of 195 entries.

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Animator: Zuzanna

Description: I wanted to show in my script the difficulty of finding information on the Internet. In this case it was about finding a nanny for a child.

Experience: I work as a layout artist for about 3 years

Time taken: Few hours a day through out the month


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Ben Zingo:

The movement feels fluid, but not a lot of strong acting decisions/poses. Maybe focus on the animation and don't worry so much about the lighting/special fx?

Jiarui Zhang:

Nice camera move at beginning

Alyssa P:

The lighting is super neat and the camera movement is too! In terms of animation, I would do another lipsync pass, as the timing of some words and the shape of some syllables are just the slightest bit off at at times.

Markos Adamakis:



i dunno if it's just me but I feel like the audio doesn't match the lip-sync


I like how dynamic your shot is, and I also really appreciate your render! The way that you manage breaking the silhouette throughout the animation is great, even when she's gesturing while sitting in the chair she's never too still. The expressions you're using are also nice, I get the feeling that she's frustrated. Something that could improve your animation is a little bit less camera movement in my opinion. There are a lot of different shots used, but in this short amount of time that's pretty distracting. Tightening up the mouth animation would also benefit your project.