Final Rating: 5.13. Finished 60 out of 149 entries.

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Animator: Deniz

Description: She panic while introducing a golden poison frog.

Experience: About 2 years

Time taken: Two weeks, the whole process


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Tim Collins:

The poses are awesome, but the timing (especially towards the end) feels jerky. The frog also dips around frame 135ish.

Juan Solano:

Beautifully lit scene i love the ambient. I also really like most of the poses but I do feel like some of them switch to fast in between each other.


like the lighting

Vee :

This made me smile

Edwin Rodriguez:

Nice dramatic poses and angles. The timing is varied and fun. The last line when she says good bye doesn't make sense in the context. Great work!

Catherine Lachepelle:

Poses are suuuuper nice and appealing, but the transitions need a little more work. Maybe adding some overshoots?

Ben Zingo:

the movement is extremely jittery, and pose-to-pose. If you were trying to get a cartoony zippy/exaggerated effect, focus on the easing, as well as creating arcing movement and/or smears. Exaggerated fast movement is not just zipping from one frame to another, you have to focus on the easing

Darren Evander:

the first key pose it human stand like that.its robbed the believebilaty of the movement.try to fix the hand movement,it move way too much and it distarct the audience from the primary movement which is the body.and the shot confused the audience.try to find shots that can flow well from one part to the other.

Kyra Simone:

LOVELY poses. This is the opposite problem of the one I see usually... and that's that you don't give them enough time to switch between each-other. Zip! Bang! And we're over here now! I have no time to anticipate! Please give me some!

muhammet durmuş:

very good job. you're so talented. I hope you will be 1st!