Final Rating: 7.05. Finished 7 out of 137 entries.

22,290 views including the voting period.


Animator: Marnie Shick

Description: A clumsy demon tries to file a request to be let into heaven, but things go wrong.

Experience: Freshman animation student at SCAD. 18 y/o.

Time taken: 3 days.


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ro crown:

The girl is very well designed and she move well because of it. Wanna see more from you and i thank you



Adam Watkins:

I absolutely adore this one! The devil girl especially has so much life in her movement.
I'd say that the angel character's lip sync could use a bit more work but it is hard to tell with how small her mouth is. I think enlarging the angel's mouth movements and making her lips more expressive while still keeping her body motionless would elevate this from a 10/11 to a 11/11 for me.
But it's an amazing job!

Elisabeth Janerka:

Super cute girl! I would empathize the mouth shapes on the woman since it’s impossible to her mouth because it’s so small. Besides that, you should think about screen directions. The girl walks out towards screen right but appears very screen left in the next shot.

Olivia Tanking:

Adorable! The only thing I would maybe add is when she’s in the trash can, maybe have her throwing some trash out of it and the can move a little bit.

Charlie Ly:

Super appealing!

C h o c o b i l l y :

The design and animation are great.

Sketch MacQuinor:

YOWZA. Lovely work

Courtney Lynn Oberbeck:

This was super cute to watch! I really loved your character. Great job

Annelise Lund:

This is one of my favorites! Her movements are really fun and awkward, and I think your character designs work really well, awesome job!!

Robert Lugo:

The nervousness and seriousness of the characters really come out through the characters. I almost wish there was just one other kind of movement for the tall angel other than just mouth movements. I think this would sell the idea of being stiff and serious while showing some movement as opposed to right now where it is very statuesque. Some movement with the hands may be the best for something like that simply because it could show how firm or simply gesture while remaining still. The exaggeration and shapes are nicely done as well as a feeling of weight and consistency on the moving character.