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Polish My Life!

by Dhruv Joshi, November Competition Winner!

Final Rating: 7.72. Finished 1 out of 130 entries.

1,024,122 views including the voting period.


Animator: Dhruv Joshi

Description: Do what you Love!

Experience: 7 Years

Time taken: 2 Weeks


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Mike Schanbacher:

Nice work!

Ümit Çalık:

You've done an awesome job! My favourite!

Keaton Towns:

Great body motion and eye movements! I think if you gave the character with the shoe just a little bit more motion or swaying it could give the piece more life.

Oliver Hollis:

Nice transitions, especially the brush flip.

Courtney Lynn Oberbeck:

I really like the secondary action here! Great Job

Jean Lamy:

Really nice atmosphere. The guy on the right is standing a bit too still. I saw some movement but he may be doing them too subetly. I like how he moves at the end though. The main guy is top notch, the eye glances, the switches, very natural. Well done!

Elisabeth Janerka:

Suuper nice idea and animation!

Kareem Ismael:

Great work.

Watcharatep Dokmai:

nicee top 3

Diane Aarts:

nice :)

Razam Ali:

beautiful executed .


Great Job top 11 for sure!

Silver Fickle:

better if you animated the standing person more

Spencer Barber:

So awesome! I love the toss!

Kess Duhamel:

I like the composition in this one :) Also the lip sync looks spot on!
I know there was some movement from the guy having his shoeshined at the end, but maybe have a little more throughout would be good ;) that way we know he is alive the whole time.