Final Rating: 6.14. Finished 18 out of 130 entries.

39,162 views including the voting period.


Animator: Yuri Marcel Vieira

Description: In memory of Alan Watts, be happy.

Experience: around 5 years

Time taken: 3 weeks after work.


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no rythem...

Oliver Hollis:

I like the lip sync..the audio works well with a smile and teeth showing.

Kareem Ismael:

Lipsync is very good. Body movement is ok but arm movement is too smooth. The idea/story could be more interesting.

Andrw Yair Guio :

Hello I like it ,I think it could be more rhythmic


The lips don't seem to have enough movement. Other than that, this is a wonderfully-animated piece!

Aline Garcia:


George Jackson:

This was a great animation from start to finish. I look at this and think if I'm watching a scene from a movie.

J Antonio L Martinez:

Feels a little stiff on the body motion also the face feels rigid. Keep practicing.