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Do What You Like To Do?

by Ümit Çalık

Final Rating: 6.68. Finished 9 out of 130 entries.

2,390 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ümit Çalık

Description: We have a lot to learn from James about life.

Experience: 7 years

Time taken: 10 days


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Yuri Marcel Vieira:

Nice ideia! Hehehe

Joshua De'Mendonca:

This is so cool!

Jean Lamy:

Woaw, morbid story but interesting! I like the movement, everything flows nicely, though this is an animation contest, it'd be cool to at least have a small scenery, it'd kick this up a few notches.

You could actually benefit from holding the hand up a few frames at F19. You could also put some more up and down to feel the character's weight and personality more. :)

Kareem Ismael:

Facial expression is great. The idea is very funny. Acting is simple and clean. Love it.

Watcharatep Dokmai:

love it

Adam Gillespie:

Haha, love the idea. I would be careful of moving the first character’s head to much during the latter half of the shot. He’s still talking and we want to see the other guy before he gets grabbed, but it’s important in terms of staging that we don’t lose track of the speaking character, especially when he is retaining that clarity in his voice.


Really like the animation but the message is very strong. raw and sadly true

Kess Duhamel:


Cory Goodwin: