Final Rating: 6.46. Finished 14 out of 130 entries.

1,724 views including the voting period.


Animator: Az Adamson

Description: A lion shows off his acting abilities.

Experience: A few months

Time taken: 1 month


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Yuri Marcel Vieira:

very nice! the lip sync could use a bit of work

Stephen Quenet:

No words, stunning apart from the missing colouring on frame 286 onwards.

Kareem Ismael:

Love the style and the idea. The poses are nice but you completely stopped moving the body starting from F202 and just kept moving the arms.

Paraskevi Koutalou:

I love the Disney-aesthetic and the remarkable animation skills!

Mike Schanbacher:

Nice work!

Shreyas Dutta:

oh god this is terrific

Sarathkumar C:


Shad Wilde:


Anthony Corrigan:

Looks great!