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Last of the Summer Beans

by Adam Frith

Final Rating: 5.07. Finished 43 out of 130 entries.

1,971 views including the voting period.


Animator: Adam Frith

Description: An old veteran follows his bliss.

Experience: 18 months

Time taken: 110


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Keaton Towns:

I love the style of this! It's kind of gross looking but in a good way!

Stephen Quenet:

This one takes the cake, incredibly well visualised and animated, maybe the the framing at the beginning is a little weird,

Kareem Ismael:

Very funny.


Lol, russian vlogger


Very well done! Great animation and a funny twist at the end. Lip sync is also very well done.

Silver Fickle:

too flimsy and all over the place

Chandra Shekar Rallabandi: