Final Rating: 2.89. Finished 118 out of 130 entries.

13,305 views including the voting period.


Animator: Damian

Description: Andy, lost in darkness, finds his light through an inspirational quote.

Experience: Very little

Time taken: Three weeks


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Keaton Towns:

It looks like your mouth movements were set to stepped animation in the graph editor because at points the shapes just jump between with no transitions.

Oliver Hollis:

Nice animation This rigs shoulders seems a little stiff during movements. I would add some subtle movements here and there. Overall, a very nice animation.

Stephen Quenet:

Very stiff and character and background choice is odd. Nice design though.


Hands and torso don't feel like they are working together. He feels a bit mechanical. Move the arm pole vectors a bit and the shoulders. Hands are a bit floaty too; they could have quicker movements and hang a bit in place, moving a few pixels.

Zachary Burkhardt:

The lip sync is off in some places and the lip are stiff. At one point the right arm stops in the air before the next pose so that could be improved but good job!