Final Rating: 3.86. Finished 79 out of 130 entries.

7,666 views including the voting period.


Animator: Autumn Dawson

Description: Life advice from a friendly snowman.

Experience: This is my first year taking animation classes at college.

Time taken: About 3 weeks.


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Keaton Towns:

Fun premise! I think you could give it more life if you introduced some head and body movement because it's pretty stiff right now.

Elisabeth Janerka:

Great idea!
You might want to think about your framing. I get that you want to hide his chef hat in the first shot, but maybe he could just take it out and wear later?
You also have two cuts happening around 20 frames a part, which just makes the animation seem a bit flickering.

Victor Pierce:

I really love the idea behind this!

Kess Duhamel:

Awww :')