Final Rating: 5.56. Finished 27 out of 130 entries.

541 views including the voting period.


Animator: Samuel Couffe

Description: Mister Malcolm is here to give you one of his best speech!

Experience: 1 year and half

Time taken: 3 weeks, few hours a day


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Spencer Barber:

I liked it. You have good follow through. The very last action felt unnatural. But the rest was great! Good job

Victor Pierce:

This entry has some nice personality in the animation!


The timing on the body movements feels really good. The lip sync looks crisp. The expression feels real and genuine. The animation looks and feels good, I don't perceive any sloppy or lazy parts. My only criticism is the ending feels a little off where the body moves fast to pose then freezes for a bit longer than the clip ending so it throws off the natural and fluid feel that occurred all throughout.