Final Rating: 5.43. Finished 29 out of 130 entries.

502 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ali abdelnasser

Description: Ray Rig from CGtarian school

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 2 weaks


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Stephen Quenet:

Movements could be more pronounced

Yuri Marcel Vieira:

Lip sync is a bit off

Keaton Towns:

Great job on the subtle body movements, but the facial expressions and lip syncing could use some polish.

Oliver Hollis:

Nice movements.


I saw this twice?

Andrw Yair Guio :

It's good, but it need to be more fluency

Michael McKnight:

Audio is out of time with the animation itself.

George Jackson:

The animation is good its just that the mouth movements don't sync up with the audio - George Jackson


I really like the fluidity in the body movements, it feels and moves so naturally and body language fits with the mood of the message. My only complaint is the lip sync doesn't feel and fluid and natural as the body movements but regardless I think this was well done.