Final Rating: 1.78. Finished 129 out of 130 entries.

13,022 views including the voting period.



Description: A thief tries to distract a guard and steal a painting.

Experience: 4 Months

Time taken: 2 Days


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Stephen Quenet:

Blank screen


I'm only seeing a black screen

Richard Adams:

All I see is a blank black screen?

Keaton Towns:

I'm not sure if there's supposed to be a video here but all I see is black.

Eric de Fromont:

Blank screen...


This one isn't showing up in the player.

Spencer Barber:

There wasn’t a video. It was a black screen

Ali Burak Tugrul:

12 stars

Victor Pierce:

There was no video when I played it.

Colleen Moore:

This is nothing but a black screen. I think you uploaded your files wrong way.

Shad Wilde:

These's Nothing

Kess Duhamel:

I can't see anything :/