Final Rating: 2.93. Finished 116 out of 130 entries.

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Animator: Shuaiting Chen

Description: for some reasons I can't finish this animation(πーπ)

Experience: 5 year art collage, 1.5 year after collage

Time taken: 1.5 week


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It's a good start. You have your main poses. Now you need to keep going. Figure out how they're getting from one pose to the next.

Stephen Quenet:

This is more of an animatic, great drawing though.

Diane Aarts:

nice drawings, incomplete

Tom Islava:

keep adding more breakdowns and inbetweens and you might have something awesome, because your draftsmanship is amazing and the interactions between the characters is believable,

Kieran Mann:

Good movement of the characters but this looks more like an animatic.

Kess Duhamel:

I like where this is going! If you get around to smoothing this piece out I bet it'll look great!