Final Rating: 6.48. Finished 18 out of 192 entries.

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Animator: Kenkoh Tanaka

Description: This is that the man says a groan to the boss.

Experience: 2 years

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Vighnesh Prabhu:

Need some acting of the other character as well.Lacks weight at some places !!


Take care with the coherence. I think, the sound of things falling to the ground doesn't fit with your idea. And at the end, It would have been nice to see some animation more cause the character stays static while the voice keep going on off screen. But nice!

Ramsey Pierson:

A little more posing/energy from this character, but I love the ending. Very nice.

Haritz TZ:

I like the uncliche idea. The guy could have lost balance to the back more before regaining his composure. And he look prepared to catch. Overall look stiff.

Anais Larocque:

Very cool ideas ! :o Your character's "idles" are too stiff, though.