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A Better Life with a Cat

by Kelsie Wilt

Final Rating: 3.14. Finished 134 out of 192 entries.

506 views including the voting period.


Animator: Kelsie Wilt

Description: Animatic of a lazy man tired of his messy living space, but he's not the only one.

Experience: College Student

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Pranav Uttarkar:

Did not use proper voiceover
Is this is a blocking ??? It should have been smoother


It seems more an animatic.


this seems like storyboard

Haritz TZ:

Just a reminder, editing the audio aside from adding time at the front and back is not allowed.

Zachary Checkeye:

You edited the audio dude.

Pallav Sharma:

staging should be more smooth