Final Rating: 6.08. Finished 25 out of 192 entries.

658 views including the voting period.


Animator: lestin paul

Description: November competition.

Experience: 12

Time taken: 3.5 days


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Overall very nice flow, only problem where he is saying "look at this filth" it is looking too stiff.

Nathaniel Winckler:

Great job!! Your animation is very fluid, your body mechanics are pretty spot on, and I like your acting. I wish there was more context as to what "filth" is...I'm not sure what he points out. I think the first shot is unnecessary (or you need to add more to the scene so we understand the context better). The forefinger at the very end is too limp for the intensity of the scene. Make it pretty stiff, and I think you'll be good.


Nice....Some of the poses, I felt could be pushed further to really create the effect

Brian W.:

Good acting.

Pallav Sharma:

wow nice poses