Final Rating: 5.38. Finished 38 out of 192 entries.

612 views including the voting period.


Animator: Vighnesh Prabhu

Description: Employee complaints to his boss about the filthy workplace and gets more work instead !!!!

Experience: 2

Time taken: 3 Days


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Body is very stiff, hands are looking good


Motion is pretty good. Needs to be pushed more to convey more emotion, especially facial animation.


When he says "pick this place up", he seems happy and the final lines could have been more exagerated, ear the inttention of the voice, he is really pissed off. Care with that slow down in the arm when he throws the helmets, is too much, even it shouldn't do it. Anyway nice job.

Nathaniel Winckler:

The animation overall is pretty good, but your facial expression on the last guy are confusing. Also, for the first guy, watch that hand/finger curl. It's all moving at exactly the same time and feels very contrived. Try making it something more natural. Keep at it!

Hitesha padwal:

Excellent work!!

Haritz TZ:

Lip sync need a lot improvement.