Final Rating: 5.14. Finished 51 out of 192 entries.

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Animator: Simran Singh

Description: this is an animation clip in this animation two character talking with each other one is boss and second is servant

Experience: fresher

Time taken: 4 days


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Good concept


no delay is there.
camera angle is good.
try to smooth it more.
some render quality problem is there.

Shamer Nazli:

keep it up!

Brian W.:

Pretty good acting.

Gaurav Rawat:

very good Try.....go ahead you can do more better.

Zachary Checkeye:

It's decent, the motions don't flow too well into another. Less time rendering and building a scene, more time animating the performances.

Anais Larocque:

Nice work ! :) But we can really see the characters moving from a pose to another, it lacks a little natural.