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slowpoke and the carpenter

by abddine

Final Rating: 7.91. Finished 2 out of 192 entries.

9,396 views including the voting period.


Animator: abddine

Description: hi everyone this is my first participation
i'm beginner in acting and i found this challenge a big opportunity to improve my level any C&C will be welcome
all your c/C are welcome

Experience: about 6 yours in games

Time taken: 15 days


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Lipsyn look a little bit weird, but good shot !


Cool!. Nice acting, in especial with the koala. Just one thing, Is that hat tied to his head? (frame: 130). XD


Great job !

Ramsey Pierson:

Very nice animation, great rendering, really pulls the whole piece together.

As far as your acting choices, I feel like your actions hit the wrong beats from the audio, ie "you ARE going to work today" vs what you did: "you are going to work TODAY." Just a little bit odd and detracting but your animation quality is really good.





good job, professional !!

John Tyson:

It's incredibly smooth and there's a lot of movement without feeling cluttered, awesome.



Florian Linet:

Quite good, though the lips seems weird and the facial poses of Malcolm are too exaggerated for me.
The gestures of the koala when malcolm is speaking seem like they each have the same time between two poses and they're also a bit exaggerated

Brian W.:

Beautiful work.

John Toland:

Brilliant work, Render is great, lighting and shaders, but the Animation is really what sells it, great acting choices and personalities really shine