Final Rating: 4.92. Finished 60 out of 192 entries.

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Animator: Qunxiang Lin

Description: These two guys control the brain and one side of the brain cannot tolerate this terrible environment because this person always stays at night and have unhealthy habits.

Experience: 1 years

Time taken: 10 days


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mm ok. The story isn't clear. And you have to work more in the acting and lipsync. I like the zoom at the inner of his head, and nice job cleaning it but take care with the rough animation which is the most important as the story you want to tell.

Nathaniel Winckler:

Impressive zoom in and graphics. However, the animation of the characters themselves is not very clear and sometimes is out of sync with the words. Also, give me a little more time as to what "filth" is in this context.

Ramsey Pierson:

What a journey

Asyraf Rashid:

interesting idea though

Michael Kristiansen:

I like the design, well done!

Brian W.:

Beautiful artwork. Opening sequence is amazing. Character animation needs work, but you're getting there.