Final Rating: 7.83. Finished 4 out of 192 entries.

5,267 views including the voting period.


Animator: Daniel Cuervo

Description: Wanted to give it more details, but cuz of the little time i got for this i think its a good result.
Excuse the lack of frames for the little rat at the rest of the acting... i finished it within 3 hours of the dead line :)

Experience: im an Colombian autodidact, still learning

Time taken: a few hours per day during this month


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Nice one


Awesome work !

Nathaniel Winckler:

The characters are really well done and I could really feel the emotion of each. If I were being nitpicky, I don't care for the twinning pose around 55-69. It feels contrived/not natural. The sense of weight on both characters is spot on. I wish the SL character had all the inbetweens near the end because I'd love to see his scramble backwards. Well done!


OH! Beautiful. I like the character design, the fluity, the acting and the idea. What a shame you couldn't finish it. : (

Ramsey Pierson:

Very nice animation. Good body mechanics and performance. Missing IBs and BDs for character 1 after his lines, so incomplete, but very good nonetheless.

Ryan Hill:

Great use of expression and attitude. On frame 80, I'd watch the speed and follow through seen in the younger rat's tail. His movements also feel rushed between frames 40 - 80, that's following his stronger action at frame 25.


Awesome work

Haritz TZ:

The best animation overall, but the left rat becomes blocking towards the end. Still pretty high in ranking for me.

Michael Kristiansen:


Brian W.:

I could watch this all day. Amazing characters, great artwork and strong, frequent poses. Direction gets a nod as well with the way the non-speaking character doesn't distract even though there are no camera POV changes. I love this.