Final Rating: 5.75. Finished 33 out of 192 entries.

535 views including the voting period.


Animator: Nicholas McCamish

Description: A 3D rendered animation made in Blender. The bug characters were custom made.

Experience: Five years.

Time taken: Five Days.


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Ramsey Pierson:

Very good animation. Great rendering/lighting. I wish there was a little more energy in your characters but solid animation for what's there.


Your characters seem very soft spoken given the characters in the audio are loud. If your characters movements were exagerrated and had big movements it would have been really funny with the audio. I really like how the models and rendering look though! The textures and background look awesome.

John McSwiggin:

Extremely realistic looking, I won't give full stars though because the bowler hat on the ladybug isn't movie accurate for Bug's Life.