Final Rating: 6.45. Finished 19 out of 192 entries.

812 views including the voting period.


Animator: giga gudushauri

Description: Family

Experience: 4 Year

Time taken: 10 Day


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Ramsey Pierson:

Your first character is really strong. However the dynamism of your shots could use a little work. Your camera work doesnt aid the performance as much as it could be and doesnt help direct your audience to be focusing where they need to be.

However, your body mechanics, lip sync, and ability to pose and animate the characters is excellent. Great animation.



John Tyson:

I love the poses, there's a lot of character in them and their expressions.

Brian W.:

Many CGI animators don't use (or care about) strong poses and holds, but you've pretty much mastered it. Very nice. Your secondary movements add a lot as well.