Final Rating: 7.17. Finished 10 out of 192 entries.

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Animator: Chen-Lung Tsai

Description: A man attempted to complain about his life, but received an unexpected reaction.

Experience: 1 year of school

Time taken: 1 week for story boarding, 2 weeks for animation


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Rajarshi Pal:



Nice acting!!

Karl Bernhardt:

really nice poses, just watch your timings. there's a few points where the moustache man hits walls with his hips. keep an eye on your arcs too. I feel there's some over-animation on 'you wan't to live better', I don't think he needs to lean in so much, you're go a hell of a lot of body movement already in the piece and it starts to feel very much stop start.

great stuff!!!

Shamer Nazli:


Brian W.:

Movements are natural, but perfectly exaggerated. Great over-the-top expressions. Nice work.