Final Rating: 5.25. Finished 51 out of 266 entries.

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Animator: Shravan Anarase

Description: Casual job meeting....

Experience: 8-9 months

Time taken: 2 to 3 weeks


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You don't have to animate an action for every work. Besides that, it looks nice.

Emmanuel G.:

Wow, nice appealing characters and smooth animations.

Laurent Ch√Ętellier:

Some nice poses, but may be this is too much "pose to pose". they don't need to move so much in a quiet conversation like this, it doesn't feel natural for their voices IMO.
f40 and f103, they both have the exact same pose.
Also you don't have to point the finger when he says " to you", at f85. Nobody does that.

Janine Perkins:

You should try pulling the lip sync forward by 3-4 frames as recommended by Richard Williams author of The Animators Survival Kit, it might make the sync sit better :) very good though

Franco Odeny:

Too much blocking poses, you focused too much on render to get points, its does not work that way,its not about render its about animation,
you can render as much as you want but animation is what counts.