Final Rating: 7.04. Finished 8 out of 266 entries.

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Animator: GokulNath Gajapathy

Description: She is going to finish her internship with master chef and expecting to get a full time employment .

Experience: 7

Time taken: 1 week


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Donald Marks:

Love the ending

Yoni Audi:

Great work


good looking shot. Story wise she is already in job, I think. should be in top 10.

Pau Cantos Simón:

Good but you have to up the knife while he's cutting to avoid cross the onion


The timing on the chef's head could vary some more between all those takes. And he can hold some more still while looking at her the second time, otherwise it makes him look slightly floaty. But super cool setup and acting choices!

Arun Kumar:

Splendid work...!!!

I really love the expression she made on the last minute..

Have a Great Day....!!!



Sanchari Chakraborty:

nice suttle actings. very good acting choice. one small thing, you can have little more space on the left of your composiation.

Shark Bait:


Bhattacharjee Sandipan:

great entry. might end up in first 5. good luck

Evelyn Hernandez:

this is really awesome work! the acting and animation were on point.