Final Rating: 5.14. Finished 57 out of 266 entries.

410 views including the voting period.


Animator: Erik Dfocus

Description: Just trying to have some distraction in a crazy month. And having some fun!

Experience: Much experience not very good :)

Time taken: crazy month so maybe two weeks average


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Juuso Kallioinen:

You can do nice cartoony movement, but what takes place is the acting. In this instance, the characters motivations do not come across.


No Girl Animation

Verba Natasha:

I like his cartoon movements! It's funny!
And as for me I want to see something with the girl. I mean some changes in the pose during shot.
And his hand guesture in 160-180 doesn't match his other movements. It's too slow. And his head is a little bit to rubbish in 207-214

Evelyn Hernandez:

there's a lot of great moments here.
Would of been fun to also see the little girl animated with as much energy as he was maybe or at least, both to a more similar degree.

Franco Odeny:

to far 4 our view & over acting