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the boss is really mean

by JarvisQiu

Final Rating: 6.23. Finished 23 out of 266 entries.

700 views including the voting period.


Animator: JarvisQiu

Description: you know who is Sheldon Plankton.right?

Experience: 8years

Time taken: 15days


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Hollie Newsham:

lovely poses :)

Carolyn Mennecke:

It's a little bit over the top when he pushes his hair back, but I love the emotion!

Karl Bernhardt:

Love the acting, spot on. shot should be closer IMO, I would love to see the character up closer. But that's just my opinion! Great job dude


A lot of hardwork here! Animation looks awesome but the acting choice could be better. And he didnt have much reason for such a broad reaction in the end

eli haun:

I like the movement, but you really should have not used the crusty crab.


Camera is too far away

Emmanuel G.:

This piece could've been really great if you could see the other character talking. Really nice animation though. Still, you get a high vote from me.


I like the facial!!

Drew Covert:

Fantastic animation, I wish the camera was tighter and you had animated the woman.

Arpan Dasgupta:

Is he replacing spongebob?

Sabrina Winkel:

The Crusty Crab!

John Doree:



Good poses and expressions..

Franco Odeny:

For a moment, Plz who is the boss and who is the one asking for employment, did characters switch.... check on that.

Bedanga Ghosh: