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First job migh be your last job

by Reg Isaac

Final Rating: 7.59. Finished 2 out of 266 entries.

60,683 views including the voting period.


Animator: Reg Isaac

Description: A piece of Broccoli doesn't exactly understand the requirements of this job.

Experience: 2 years professional

Time taken: 1 week


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Luis Trebino:

very nice! but i'm missing some mouth shapes

Hollie Newsham:

What fantastic drawing skills!

ємo мя Fong:


Yoni Audi:

I love the idea


Nice one


must be in top 5. super work. it is great to see animators like you are still putting effort to do 2D classical and its still alive. this month somany great 2D entris.

Arun Kumar:

Well done..!!

Arpan Dasgupta:

Finally, a good 2D animmation

John Doree:

love this!

Sanchari Chakraborty:

very nice.. keep doing 2D classical. really appreciated.


Ahah so sweet!

Evelyn Hernandez:

wow, this is lovely. very subtle and playful at the same time.