Final Rating: 5.25. Finished 51 out of 266 entries.

504 views including the voting period.


Animator: Verba Natasha

Description: She'll try everything to get this job but he doesn't want to and can't just say it)

Experience: 4 years

Time taken: 20 days


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A little floaty but nice acting choices. Tighten up your timing a bit.

David Maguire:

I think the guy is pretty well done, but the lady could use a bit more work. Her head hits a wall at f41, which makes the return to a more neutral position awkward. I'm also not really understanding the last 2 poses. I'm not sure what her emotions or thoughts are, and the mouthing at the end is very confusing. In contrast, the guy's face and body are working well together and I have a clear read of his thoughts/emotions the whole time.


Too Much Movements in Girl

Arun Kumar:

Good job...!

Verba Natasha:

Oops! It looks like a mug, a cigar, a paper and general sitting pose was bad idea( Too many times I've saw those stuff during voting(

Franco Odeny:

Are you thinking about it or looking at her (a bit off on the line)