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Heisenberg and Jesse

by Yupu Ding

Final Rating: 3.74. Finished 150 out of 266 entries.

406 views including the voting period.


Animator: Yupu Ding

Description: Conversation between Heisenberg and Jesse

Experience: Third year student

Time taken: Two weeks


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Ale Carrasco:

I barely see the animation thanks to the opacity

eli haun:

I like this, but 1) is looks incomplete, and 2) you are referencing breaking bad

ro crown:

darn, wish this were more finishied , nice layout and for the conversation, it fits.......oh well, time or the lack thereof is the grand excuse and then some....NOT !!!

So change your workflow process,,,so we can see more of your work , without the comprise of lack of time excuse,,,we wanna see more from you is what i mean, and i mean it like just do it....durrr...

see twitch streamer,,,,knitted mittens for fun and much inpirtation of the don't take yourself as serious as you do.