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A Tale of Two Egos

by Geoff King, November Competition Winner!

Final Rating: 8.02. Finished 1 out of 223 entries.

122,330 views including the voting period.


Animator: Geoff King

Description: Animated in TVPaint
Open for feedback.

Experience: 7 years

Time taken: About 1 and half weeks in total (spread over the month)


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Shawn Lee:

love the look of this. well done.

David Alin:

o god that was really ambitious! and it happens to work well for me!

Bradley Adams:

shame it had no audio

Shehroz Sheikh:


Juan Carlos Vigil:

This is so awesome! I love the fluidity and the lighting!

Nicolás Burmester:

I love this one, great work!

Zeeshan Karimi:

Loved it! Keep up the great work! ^_^

Cyril Coste:

absolutely love this one, number one for me
the way the bird step forward !
The little anticipation of the tiger before he turns, even the turn and the perspective on the head.
I love the choice of your 'cameras" and the light !
very good job !

Mike Schanbacher:

Definitely deserves a win in my book...Awesome work.

Sabrina Winkel:

This one i just love the story line to it and i love the tiger at the end and the facial expressions on the characters!

Isaac Bautista:

The tigeer could open up his mouth a bit more when he leans in. The bird could also move his wings a bit more, maybe extending them a little to make an accent.
Pretty good!

Marinthe de Bokx:

This is really beautiful :) great job!

Nick Kondo:

Beautiful drawings. The sound got a little quiet somehow though. I also think the tiger intimidating the bird seems a little adversarial compared to what the characters are saying to each other.

William Barry Eggington:

Oh this is super nice. Well done. OMG that cat! And the lighting. You nailed it.

Lady Musician:

I love your drawing style! Spot on.

Davit Martirosyan:

Very nice work

Brad Bradbury:

I'll never wash my eyes again!!!!

Samidha Kumar:

This is a great piece. So much of dramatics with just 2 static cameras. The lighting trick reminds me of beauty and beast (the beast reveal to bella). Just expected the tiger fangs to showup with the last "you will beee". loved it and watched it over and over again. My bet is on you... hope u win :)

Abhik Paul:


Jo Anne Tan:

Beautiful! Such solid drawings and mass, and very appealing characters. Great job!