Final Rating: 4.07. Finished 87 out of 223 entries.

440 views including the voting period.


Animator: vimalanandan

Description: A serious discussion!!!

Experience: 3+

Time taken: 10(after office time)


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Juan Carlos Vigil:

Lip sync is off

Nicolás Burmester:

I think the audio desynced somehow :(

Bradley Adams:

Ignoring that the audio is out of place you can still read what he is saying with the lip sync which is good, I liked the scene you had, nice attempt.

Sabrina Winkel:

Lip sync is a little off but other than that, it's good!

David Barrow:

Your animation is good. Soundtrack obviously off which is a shame because it looks like you might of had the lip sync down too.

William Barry Eggington:

Great secondary motion on the hands at the beginning. Nice work. Seems like it could have been better with some more time/passes.

Sandeep Kumar Kispotta:

animation was really nice but little problem with lip syn.....