Final Rating: 2.60. Finished 202 out of 223 entries.

463 views including the voting period.


Animator: Fernando

Description: Our hero is about to embrace his destiny and go on a Star Journey!

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Cool idea but thats a lot of camera movement, I get that you are trying to have some action going on, but its really distracting and you can hardly see whats going on.

Rodger D. Davis:

Too much action with the camera. Lip sync didn't match the audio.

Friska Bako:

Camera is a bit hectic, I can't see the animation much. :( sorry.

Isaac Bautista:

The camera is moving way too much.

Juan Carlos Vigil:

Camera moves WAY too much!!

Phill Clough:

Camera moves too much

William Barry Eggington:

Wowoa. Go easy on that camera motion. Can barely tell what is going on.

Lady Musician:

Too much movement going on during the dialogue sections. Would have the brunt of the action happen before!


The camera is moving to much.

Jo Anne Tan:

I can barely concentrate on the animation because the camera moves around too much. Keep things simple. This would probably work for a very action-y fight scene, but it doesn't work for this dialogue.